Googlot   Cross the borders

How does it work

Googlot is an multilingual instant messaging. You can exchange conversations with any people in the whole world, by using your own language.

Once you are login in, you can send messages and invitations to people in the World, in their own language.

Try it, it's free and this takes one minute to create your Googlot.


Enter the word and the number you see in the white area. The word and the number must be separated by a space. Example : Googlot 2013.

To change the word and the number, click in the button reload Reload.

This method prevent automated programs to abuse this service.



The informations to connect to your Googlot are sent in your email box.

Enter a valid email to be able to recover your password if you forgot it.

Your Googlot is strictly private. To allow other to connect to your Googlot, you must send the email and the password received in your email box. Choose a password that you can share.

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